January 23, 2015

a weekend hello

Hey there! How's it going? It's been pretty frigid and a bit dreary here and tomorrow the forecast is calling for a mixture of snow, sleet, and yuckiness...blah...but the daytime is starting to show signs of lingering a bit longer...spring will soon be here, yay!

I've tried committing to creating a little bit each day, especially during the winter. The plan doesn't always workout so well, but I do grab the little windows of creative time when I'm not too tired. 

So, here's a peek of a few things I've created...but please forgive the quality of the photos, I can't figure out if it's my camera showing signs of wear or that it's mostly cloudy out when I'm taking photos...either way it's driving me crazy :) 

I couldn't resist creating a set of cards for Valentines Day...love how they turned out. It will be hard to part with them. 

A few woolen hearts in the midst of winter always warms my creative spirit...just love them. I'm a bit sad that I've run out of this wool...so perfectly nubby. 

I gathered up a few frames, beautiful floral fabric and other bits and bobs to create something super cute and shabby chic. I love the 3 dimensional look of the framed glass jar with a few dried lavender stems tucked inside.

and lastly...a charming paper garland to add just about anywhere! 

So what are you up to? 
Keep warm (or cool) where ever you are dear friends!   


January 4, 2015

where's the restart button?

Happy New Year dear friends! And should I add Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas since I haven't posted since forever :( 

Time has run away from me once again (and even more-so during the holiday season) but lucky for me Twenty-Fifteen feels like my chance to press the restart button and try to get back on track once again. 

My life has been a mixture of all the little things we all deal with I guess...busy job, ailing parents, family disagreements, loss of sleep, on and on....but there's also the little moments that remind me that life will be ok...I do love it when God reminds me of his blessings, even in the midst of uncertainty.  

So, here you have a photo of sweet winter mittens I created for my shop. They were supposed to be ready to list before Christmas but I just couldn't find the time to list them....ah that clock just kept on ticking. They are made of the softest winter-white fleece and finished with simple trimmings in the perfect blend of a minty green and robin's egg blue...love:) I'm thinking they could still be added to the shop, right? Who wouldn't want to sprinkle a bit of winter's magic with a pair of charming winter mittens. 

Well I'm off to finish up Sunday night's to-do list before heading to bed. Wishing you a New Year blessed with beautiful memories! 



November 22, 2014

weekend greetings

A super quick wave hello to all of you dear friends! 

Have a great weekend,


From my daily devotional:

Faith never knows where it is being led; it knows and loves the One who is leading. 

November 15, 2014

trying again

Remember these pretty sugar plum fairy ornaments? 

I shared a glimpse of them around this time last year, but then was at a stand-still when packaging them for their travels became a challenge. Since then, I have given up on the project numerous times, but I have never been able to completely "throw in the towel". I know my fellow bloggers and artist know exactly what I mean :)

Well, I  am revisiting this little (or shall I say BIG) venture once again and believe I've found a solution, yay! Here's a glimpse...

I'll keep you posted :)

Enjoy the weekend dear friends,


P.S. Forgive my scarce  posts lately...the change in seasons and time is affecting my spirit a bit. Even taking pictures of my creations has been a challenge, as witnessed in the poor lighting above, ugh! No worries, I'll get back on track :)

From my daily devotional:

The anchor of God's faithfulness holds firm in the strongest storms. 

October 17, 2014

gathering leaves

Happy weekend to you dear friends! Well, it seems Blogger is fighting my every key stroke so I've given up. I managed to upload a single photo for now...

Been creating beautiful satin and lace leaves for the fall...love their simple elegance. I'll try posting more photos when Blogger behaves. Until then...big hugs!



September 27, 2014

Wishing you a beautiful weekend friends!



From my daily devotional:

As long as your eyes are fixed on God, He will teach you, help you, and cause you to grow stronger 
in faith. 


September 24, 2014

the occasional venture outside the box

What happens when a tiny detour leads one to an inspiration a bit outside the box? Well, I may have the answer for you :)  

You see, I was perusing a wedding blog, that lead me to Pinterest, that lead me to Halloween themed events and weddings, and so on,..and so on. I'm sure you've been there, right? 

Who knew Halloween weddings could be so elegant

I was so inspired by the photos I couldn't help but answer an inspiration to create a a Halloween inspired keepsake box. I think I managed to still keep true to my style with a generous dose of elegance and a dash of quirky too...

find once you are over the age of 40 there's a feeling that one must follow whereever the spirit leads us and just throw caution to the wind. I kinda like that feeling! 

Speaking of throwing caution to the wind, I'm late to work, yikes! 


From my daily devotional:

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning 


September 18, 2014

a softer side of fall

Hello there friends! Hope you're enjoying your week so far. On this side of the globe fall continues to make its way into our homes and I can't seem to resist being inspired by the season. 

I've been working on creating a set of handmade cards that reflect a softer, more feminine side of fall...and what could be more feminine than a bit of lace, chiffon, and pearls...sigh.

I covered the cards with a layer of lace then topped them off with a pair of the cutest pumpkins, or at least I think so, he, he.

The large pumpkins are made with swirls of beautiful chiffon in a blush champagne...some are tall and slender, others short and chubby...so cute! The smaller pumpkins are created with bits of vintage lace and a pearl charm.

and of course I mustn't forget the curly-cues and leaves! 

just adore that they are a bit quirky yet feminine! I created a few to keep and some will soon be in the shop, I if you're interested 

off to to start the new day,


Seek God, and He will smooth the path for you.

from my Daily Devotional 

September 14, 2014

happy sunday!

Happy Sunday to you! We are enjoying another glorious day here. The skies are blue, the sun is bright, and the air is crisp...love it!

So, like many Etsy artists out there, I often wonder about my creations and where their travels lead them. Imagine my delight when I received a message from one of my brides with a photo of her ring bearer holding her custom box! Isn't he handsome. 

She requested a custom box with a green flower to match the colors in her summer wedding. I searched every where for the the perfect one and was so excited when I found it. 

For me, creating is a blessing that fuels my creative spirit...but when it makes someone else happy, well, it's the cherry on top! 

I'm actually working on a few creations as we speak so I'd better get back to it. Will share pics when I can. Thanks so much for stopping by dear ones. 



September 9, 2014

autumn's trance

I am ever so slowly (and a bit reluctantly) falling into autumn's irresistible trance. Its beauty is quite alluring, with deliciously cool mornings, early sunsets, and especially visions of freshly fallen leaves quietly transforming from luscious, vibrant shades of green to rich autumnal hues.

It didn't take much more than that to inspire creating another handful of my kraft paper leaf tags. I love the combination of the plain, brown kraft paper and the beautiful, feminine bits of lace and pearls...such a great juxtaposition. 

Simply trimmed tags with a single pearl charm for each and ribbon for hanging... 

can I tell you how much I LOVE the lace in these!! LOVE! 

I so wish I had more of it...but alas, a vintage find is rarely repeated :(

We're winding down the evening now...ahhh school nights:) Be back soon dear friends.



P.S. you can find these leaves in my shop

September 4, 2014

hello there!

So, I've been totally MIA, sorry about that :) We have been preparing for the new school year and enjoying the last days of summer...can't believe it's coming to a close...sigh 

Of course the shorter days and cooler nights are an instant reminder of PUMPKINS!! I do love a cute pumpkin and couldn't resist creating a few pumpkin tags again this year, here's a glimpse....

here's the neutral set...

and this set reminds me of pumpkin latte...yum!

Truthfully, these sweet tags require more work than I should admit to but I just adore them! So, are you thinking pumpkins too??

big hugs to you dear friends,


August 20, 2014

a quick hello

Oh what peace we often forfeit, what needless pain we bear; all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer. 

Joseph M. Scriven

Hello there dear friends, a very quick hello this evening. Not much to report...perhaps too exhausted. Hope you are well. 

Will post again soon:)



P.S. I discovered the most beautiful suede remnants and couldn't resist creating a few heart and key charms you see in the photo...love, love, love the color of this suede. It's the softest, palest, shade of sea green with an undertone of a grayish/robin egg blue. Not sure I got that right, but it's so, so pretty. 

July 23, 2014

mid week hello

hello there friends! not much to say today but a quick hello on a busy Wednesday morning :)

a glimpse of stationery pretties I'm working on...

Enjoy your day!


July 14, 2014

using the pretty stash

Greetings to you on a lovely Monday! It's mid-July, really! I'm off to work in just a bit but have a few minutes to spare and I wanted to pop by and say hello and wish you a fantastic week. 

I've decided it was time to use a roll of beautiful wall paper I have hoarded for much longer than I should. It looks and feels like luxurious fabric, so pretty! I started with favor cones, then pillow boxes, and petite gift bags...I just can't stop now :)

Here's a peek at the favor cone...I'm in love with this paper

the colors a beautiful hues of soft pinks, and peach, greens, and even a hint of the softest yellow. 

and the best part...the images are of roses! Did I say LOVE...sigh

Must go now, thanks so much for stopping by.


P.S. They will be in my shop soon!

July 6, 2014

a mystery question

 Happy beautiful, glorious Sunday dear friends! The 4th of July festivities are now winding down here...always grateful for extra time with family. Though there is always a bit of family drama in the mix, ugh. Damage control is now in full swing :)

And in the middle of it all I've been working on a customer's order that was great fun to create. She discovered my flower petal tags and requested them with table numbers for her wedding. I love it when a customer envisions something I had never considered.

It was a bit tricky to print the numbers just right...but once I figured that out the rest of the project moved along nicely.

She plans to tie them onto starfish...such a great idea! 

So, while on the topic of the flower petal tags. Perhaps you can help solve a mystery. The original listing on Etsy has over 5,000 views coming from Pinterest traffic but I don't know how to find the actual "pin" that has generated so much traffic. Would anyone know how I can find it? 

Alright, I won't take up any more of your time, thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the weekend!