November 9, 2015

a new line

Happy Monday to you! Another work week begins here. Even though my day job doesn't speak to my creative soul it provides for my family and I am always so grateful for that blessing. 

Speaking of creativity...thought I'd share a peek at something new for my shop. Some of you know my love of creating gift packaging that is more elevated in presentation, and every so often you'll find a few gift boxes and such in the shop. More recently I decided to dedicate some time in expanding this idea a bit more using a variety of beautiful fabrics and trimmings. 

These littles were so fun to create! I used beautiful linen to create the pillow boxes and trimmed them with lace and a petite flower. 

This is one of my favorites for the holidays....petite but so pretty

Another linen and flower design. The box is a bit bigger in this one

And one of my favorites...a pillow box created with faux leather in a stunning shade of pearl and trimmed with lace and a starfish dusted with glitter.  Who says leather, lace and coastal can't blend! 

Look for them in the shop this week but if you see something you like, let me know.

Off I go to work, have a blessed week!!


P.S. I have an appointment with a specialist today, send your prayers my way please:)

October 20, 2015

say what!

Has it really been over a month since my last post, what! I don't have much to report right now other than some health concerns that are in the forefront, will share more when I know the meantime keep me in your prayers, pretty please. 

For now, I'll leave you with a picture of these sweet mittens that I created for the current issue of Somerset Holidays and Celebrations. These may be my favs of all the mittens I've created :)

until next time


September 12, 2015

oh fall....

Oh fall, you inspire me so! 

Working on a few pumpkin patch tags...a bit similar yet different than last years batch. I'm kind of in love with them:) 

Leaving for a birthday party in a few (admittedly would rather stay home, is that wrong of me?) I'm a home body at heart for sure. 

Enjoy your weekend!

xo, Abby 

September 1, 2015

hello there

Hey there friends, gosh I can't believe today is the first of September, what! My girl starts eight grade tomorrow...yes worried mama here. Any tips from from those of you who have gone through this very mysterious stage (insert happy face emoji here) please share. 

I LOVE decorating with neutral shades for fall and way back (before my surgery) I had started working on these handful of apple leaves in anticipation of the beautiful season. They're made with beautiful linen and a bit of stitching...just love their simplicity. 

I hope to sprinkle them along my mantle

and perhaps the dining room table too! 

So are you in fall mode too? Or is it too hot to think about fall in your neck of the woods? Alrighty, I'm off too help my kiddo prepare the last minute details for her first day in eight grade, wish me luck:) 

Until next time...blessings to you, 


P.S. I may add a few linen leaves to my shop soon. If you're interested just let me know. 

August 12, 2015

Uncommon Goods - product review

Every once and a while I am contacted by a company to collaborate on a product review. I don't always say yes but if the company's core beliefs are in helping others and our land than I always say YES! Uncommon Goods happens to be one of those companies. You can find their story here but in a nutshell they are a New York based company whose goal is to create a sustainable business that minimizes their environmental impact by working with artists who use sustainable or recycled materials. And, just as importantly, they also work through their program Better to Give that allows customers to donate $1 to non-profit organizations with every order. Pretty easy to say yes, right?!

So after perusing the home decor section I couldn't help but fall in love with this adorable caterpillar bud many possibilities!  Right now I tucked in just a few lavender sprigs and a dried rose but I can just imagine all of the lovely flowers I can display all year long...sigh. 

And here's an insanely beautifully made's a vegetable based, 100% GMO free soy wax candle in 100% recycled packaging. The scent (I picked Thyme) is intoxicating but not overwhelming, yum. 

And get this, the box it comes in carries another treat! It is infused with seeds for planting...LOVE! (Although this box is so very pretty I may have to hold on to it for bit :)

I can't wait to shop with Uncommon Goods again, I think next time I'll pick something from their selection of wall art or perhaps a new decorative pillow to add to my girl's bedroom. Hope you'll visit their site, you won't be disappointed. 



July 23, 2015

past and present

So, guess what happens when the doctor's orders are that this girl has to stay home and take it easy for weeks and weeks....??? The inevitable of course! Too much time = pondering on how one restarts her blogging journey after losing 8 years of blog posts. I know it probably sounds a bit silly, but it feels like I've lost part of me some how, BUT I am determined to give it a go and I figure the best way to begin this journey once again is to include bits and pieces of my past along with my latest happenings, sound good?

I'll start by sharing a glimpse of my first love...paper crafting (hence the name Paperie). I created this little trio of "outfits" from small paper bags from my local hardware store.Years later they are still one of my very favorite projects ever and I love that they add a bit of whimsy in the studio.

So, I must keep my posts short for now...ever since my surgery I've been experiencing some side effects, mainly fatigue and some numbness on my right hand, but I feel a little better each day (thanks for your prayers).

Before I go, I want to thank you so much for your comments and emails about losing all of my prior blog posts and especially for sticking with me while I figure this all grateful for my blog family :)

Be back soon,


June 28, 2015

starting over when it's not in your plans

Well dear friends if you happen to have visited my blog in the past few days you may have noticed a not so pretty image throughout almost every post. In fact, my sidebar still has the Exclamation image where there used to be pictures of the magazines where I've been published.

Here's what deleting my old google account (where I was hacked) I pretty much deleted every single photo connected to that account and there's no way to recover it :( I am literally starting over my friends. Only three blog posts is all I have left to account for 8 years of blogging.

To say I'm beyond sad is an understatement, but I am placing my faith in God and knowing that all things happen for a reason. Perhaps He has a plan for me and beginning with a clean slate is part of the plan. Wherever the journey takes my I hope you'll hang in there with me as I start over. 

For now, I'll leave with a pretty picture and wishes for a wonderful week!



P.S. Please, keep me in your prayers this week. I am having surgery on Thursday and will be in recovery for at least 6 weeks. 

June 18, 2015

well hello there

I believe I have abandoned my blog for a bit, sorry about that. I have no real good reason for that either:)

So, I finally dipped my toes in the social media pool a bit more. I'm now on Instagram...what!! And can I just admit how addictive it can be. In a few seconds you can share a snippet of your latest happenings. So if you're ever wondering whether I'm still alive just pop on over to my IG account under abbyspaperiegarden and say helloAnd if you have IG I would love to know so that I can find you. 

So (just in case you're interested) here are a few of my latest happenings in pictures (forgive the quality, some were taken with my iPhone): 

Painted the fireplace mantle after years of having the dated brown colors. I was feeling a bit regretful at first but not so much anymore. Still need to add some warmth and dimension with Annie Sloan wax to really love it. And, the vintage rosary you see on the wall is a gift from my mother. She had it tucked away for many years and just handed it to me a few months ago...yes my heart skipped a few beats! It's hand carved and made in Italy and insanely beautiful! Still can't believe I have it.

On the mantle is the one and only peony that managed to bloom in my garden (shouldn't even call it a garden at this point, jeez)

And over on the creative side of my life I've continued to create as inspirations flow. I'm discovering my love for romance extends further and further into the world of weddings. So, I've been experimenting with a few ideas here and there. 

romantic boutonnieres 

starfish ring bearer "pillow" for the summer wedding

and I'm always inspired to create my stationery scrolls for wedding vows. This is a duo inspired by the summer season with simple details like vintage buttons and and the inside is linen.

and of course the ring boxes too

I'll leave you with a picture of sweetest face that greets me every morning, 
irresistible right?! 

Well I guess this is what happens when one's away from the blog for too long, you're bombarded with a ton of pictures! I'm off to start the work day in a few. Be well dear friends and thanks so much for stopping by.



May 19, 2015


Do you ever find yourself looking through old photos and blog posts just because? Well, I'm definitely guilty of the occasional walk down memory lane every once in while:)

I remember sharing these lovely ladies back a in August 2011 when we were preparing for a huge tropical storm and cabin fever made its way into our home.

My girl and I decided to create paper dolls with vintage dress patterns

We added bits and baubles and lace and tulle to their outfits 

and we had so much fun!

So, tell me, do you enjoy the occasional visit to old blog posts? 


May 16, 2015

weekend hello

Just a quick post to wish you all a great weekend...enjoy the beautiful days of May!


May 11, 2015

checking off the bucket list...sort of

Hey there, Happy Monday and Happy {belated} Mama's Day to all the moms out there! 

So, if you're like me you've got a craft related bucket list tucked away on the creative side of your life. On my list you'll find practical wishes like learning how to sew along with a few dreamy plans like attending an art retreat on the west coast. Each one has its own place on the list…at times moving up or down in rank as my life shifts with the seasons. But lately my wish to master the art of soldering (pronounced saw-der-ing) has been quickly climbing up the list, which I’m certain has much to do with the gorgeous soldered bottles and such that I've been coveting over on Pinterest…sigh
So what’s a girl to do when her desire to check this wish off her bucket list grows stronger…BUT she has neither the space in her studio or (more importantly) the money to invest in a soldering kit? Well, for this girl it meant finding a way to create her own method of soldering of course! 

My mind was immediately flooded with ideas once I decided to give this a when that happens! But there was one idea in particular that felt like it may actually work so I gathered up a recipe of supplies like my trusted (and beat up) glue gun, a handful of mini test tube vials, Pearl Ex powder, ink spray, old nail polish, and a few other bits and bobs. And after a few failed attempts and the occasional feeling of total defeat, I managed to create these itty bitty faux soldered ornaments...  

this little guy may be my favorite...although each one has a special place

I love the juxtaposition of the feminine details blended with the look of metal 

this one may be a top favorite too...can you see the feathers in the glass?

must confess…I really love how they turned out…imperfections and all, and I especially love that this little endeavor will satisfy my creative spirit until I give real soldering a try someday  :)  I'd love to know what's on your crafty bucket list. Hey, perhaps there's a way to try a "sorta kinda" check off on your list too:)


Well I'm off to work in a bit but before I go, I must take a moment to remind my blogging family to please check your privacy and security settings on your blog often. For a brief time I thought I actually lost the rights to my blog forever and it may have very well been because of my neglect in keeping a closer eye on my activity. I've taken a few precautions including changing my email address to, adding comment moderation (sorry for the inconvenience), and I'll also be switching to a .com URL address in the near future (will let you know when). It was a hard and scary lesson to learn and if I can help prevent this from happening to anyone else I'd be a happy please dear friends check the settings on your blogs!