May 19, 2015


Do you ever find yourself looking through old photos and blog posts just because? Well, I'm definitely guilty of the occasional walk down memory lane every once in while:)

I remember sharing these lovely ladies back a in August 2011 when we were preparing for a huge tropical storm and cabin fever made its way into our home.

My girl and I decided to create paper dolls with vintage dress patterns

We added bits and baubles and lace and tulle to their outfits 

and we had so much fun!

So, tell me, do you enjoy the occasional visit to old blog posts? 


May 16, 2015

weekend hello

Just a quick post to wish you all a great weekend...enjoy the beautiful days of May!


May 11, 2015

checking off the bucket list...sort of

Hey there, Happy Monday and Happy {belated} Mama's Day to all the moms out there! 

So, if you're like me you've got a craft related bucket list tucked away on the creative side of your life. On my list you'll find practical wishes like learning how to sew along with a few dreamy plans like attending an art retreat on the west coast. Each one has its own place on the list…at times moving up or down in rank as my life shifts with the seasons. But lately my wish to master the art of soldering (pronounced saw-der-ing) has been quickly climbing up the list, which I’m certain has much to do with the gorgeous soldered bottles and such that I've been coveting over on Pinterest…sigh
So what’s a girl to do when her desire to check this wish off her bucket list grows stronger…BUT she has neither the space in her studio or (more importantly) the money to invest in a soldering kit? Well, for this girl it meant finding a way to create her own method of soldering of course! 

My mind was immediately flooded with ideas once I decided to give this a when that happens! But there was one idea in particular that felt like it may actually work so I gathered up a recipe of supplies like my trusted (and beat up) glue gun, a handful of mini test tube vials, Pearl Ex powder, ink spray, old nail polish, and a few other bits and bobs. And after a few failed attempts and the occasional feeling of total defeat, I managed to create these itty bitty faux soldered ornaments...  

this little guy may be my favorite...although each one has a special place

I love the juxtaposition of the feminine details blended with the look of metal 

this one may be a top favorite too...can you see the feathers in the glass?

must confess…I really love how they turned out…imperfections and all, and I especially love that this little endeavor will satisfy my creative spirit until I give real soldering a try someday  :)  I'd love to know what's on your crafty bucket list. Hey, perhaps there's a way to try a "sorta kinda" check off on your list too:)


Well I'm off to work in a bit but before I go, I must take a moment to remind my blogging family to please check your privacy and security settings on your blog often. For a brief time I thought I actually lost the rights to my blog forever and it may have very well been because of my neglect in keeping a closer eye on my activity. I've taken a few precautions including changing my email address to, adding comment moderation (sorry for the inconvenience), and I'll also be switching to a .com URL address in the near future (will let you know when). It was a hard and scary lesson to learn and if I can help prevent this from happening to anyone else I'd be a happy please dear friends check the settings on your blogs!



April 27, 2015

giveaway winner!

Happy Monday friends! Just a super quick post to let you know the winner of the UNICEF giveaway is the lovely Victoria. Victoria please shoot me an email at

Thanks so much to all who entered!



P.S. I'm having serious blogger problems at the moment...will share more soon but until then my posts will be minimal :(

April 10, 2015

unicef giveaway!

Hello there dear friends...happy weekend to you!! So I thought I'd kick the weekend off with a giveaway...and it's a good one! 

Here are the dets...

I was contacted by a very nice lady from UNICEF who asked for a little help spreading the news about their new online market and host a giveaway which I gladly said a big YES to. How could I's an amazing organization that advocates for children all over the world. They believe no child should ever die from a preventable causes like lack of proper nutrition, safe drinking water, affordable vaccines or other basic necessities. And thanks to UNICEF's efforts it has successfully helped reduce child mortality in half since 1990. But, unfortunately even today 17,000 children still die every day of preventable causes. 

So to help further their cause they partnered with NOVICA to create the UNICEF Market where they sell over 8,000 items created by artisans in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Imagine shopping online for beautiful pieces while contributing to this cause!  I'm in!! 

I perused the site for a while before deciding on what to get for many beautiful choices! With spring and summer now upon us I decided to look for something with an Anthropology bohemian feel and when I found this beautiful choker I fell in love. It is hand crochet in the softest it! A simple tee shirt, casual boyfriend jeans, cute mary janes, and this choker is all I need. 

  I can't say enough about the workmanship...AMAZING! 

and the packaging was beautiful and it included this post sweet. 

I encourage you dear friends to consider shopping where you know your hard earned money makes a difference. Visit UNICEF Market and help this wonderful cause.

So, here are the details to the giveaway...

Simply leave a comment on this post by April 20th for $50 to shop at UNICEF...easy peasy.  


April 4, 2015

Easter blessings

Wishing you a blessed Easter dear friends,


March 20, 2015

first day of spring?

"The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month"

Henry Van Dyke


So, I'm waking up to to the first day of spring here and we're expecting 3-6 inches of snow, oye!! So before heading off to work I thought I'd revisit the spring inspired pretties I created during the winter months...a lovely reminder that a harsh winter can only make spring that much sweeter when it finally arrives :) 

Wishing you a beautiful spring season both in your life and spirit!



March 18, 2015

Firmoo Review + 50% off discount for you!

Hey there to all of my four-eyed friends! If you’re like me then you would love to have a collection of eye glasses to match every mood and outfit BUT the cost is just too high! I literally own just one pair from 15 years ago. So, when I received an email from a rep at FIRMOO.COM for a chance to review a pair of their glasses...well I couldn't say YES fast enough! They offer fantastic glasses at amazing prices! 
After perusing the site a bit I decided to pick a fun pair that I've ALWAYS wanted...yup a a pair of cat-eye glasses. So with my eye doc’s prescription on hand I entered my information and placed the order…super easy and quick. Within a week I received a great pair of glasses and the prescription was spot on in accuracy. And, best of all the packaging was amazing…not only did I receive the glasses but also a stylish case, a cleaning cloth, a mini screw driver, and storage bag! 
Aren't they super cute! 

and the case they arrived in is the leather-like I dating myself by saying that :) 

Now, do you want a piece of the action? Well, go here for a 50% off your first pair! You can't go wrong with that great deal and they're having a great sale too!
Off to find a cute outfit to match my new glasses, he he.

chat soon,

February 17, 2015


Hey there lovelies! So, we're preparing for the Lenten season in my home...a time that I admittedly didn't take so seriously in past years. It was more routine than a spiritual journey...though this past year {or so} my faith has deepened in ways I never expected. I find myself longing to go to church service just to hear inspiring words that send my spirit soaring. I often carry a petite journal with me to write down whatever touches my heart during the service. And every so often...for the moments when my heart's deepest prayers require a special place...I create a devotional scroll...

I adore creating them and even more that they become the homes to heartfelt prayers and wishes. This of course means I'll have a few extras to list in my store for those wanting to record their own spiritual journey.

I will likely not blog as much during lent but please know I'm always thinking of you dear friends and am praying your days are filled with blessings and miracles.



From my daily devotional:

Life's challenges are designed 
not to break us 
but to bend us toward God


January 28, 2015

home is where the heart is...

No better time than when one is snowed in with family to discover where the heart longs to be most. A few little cottage homes inspired by where my happy heart dwells...

Sending hugs and love to you,


From my daily devotional:

Love given reflects love received. 

January 23, 2015

a weekend hello

Hey there! How's it going? It's been pretty frigid and a bit dreary here and tomorrow the forecast is calling for a mixture of snow, sleet, and yuckiness...blah...but the daytime is starting to show signs of lingering a bit longer...spring will soon be here, yay!

I've tried committing to creating a little bit each day, especially during the winter. The plan doesn't always workout so well, but I do grab the little windows of creative time when I'm not too tired. 

So, here's a peek of a few things I've created...but please forgive the quality of the photos, I can't figure out if it's my camera showing signs of wear or that it's mostly cloudy out when I'm taking photos...either way it's driving me crazy :) 

I couldn't resist creating a set of cards for Valentines how they turned out. It will be hard to part with them. 

A few woolen hearts in the midst of winter always warms my creative spirit...just love them. I'm a bit sad that I've run out of this perfectly nubby. 

I gathered up a few frames, beautiful floral fabric and other bits and bobs to create something super cute and shabby chic. I love the 3 dimensional look of the framed glass jar with a few dried lavender stems tucked inside.

and lastly...a charming paper garland to add just about anywhere! 

So what are you up to? 
Keep warm (or cool) where ever you are dear friends!   


January 4, 2015

where's the restart button?

Happy New Year dear friends! And should I add Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas since I haven't posted since forever :( 

Time has run away from me once again (and even more-so during the holiday season) but lucky for me Twenty-Fifteen feels like my chance to press the restart button and try to get back on track once again. 

My life has been a mixture of all the little things we all deal with I guess...busy job, ailing parents, family disagreements, loss of sleep, on and on....but there's also the little moments that remind me that life will be ok...I do love it when God reminds me of his blessings, even in the midst of uncertainty.  

So, here you have a photo of sweet winter mittens I created for my shop. They were supposed to be ready to list before Christmas but I just couldn't find the time to list them....ah that clock just kept on ticking. They are made of the softest winter-white fleece and finished with simple trimmings in the perfect blend of a minty green and robin's egg I'm thinking they could still be added to the shop, right? Who wouldn't want to sprinkle a bit of winter's magic with a pair of charming winter mittens. 

Well I'm off to finish up Sunday night's to-do list before heading to bed. Wishing you a New Year blessed with beautiful memories! 



November 22, 2014

weekend greetings

A super quick wave hello to all of you dear friends! 

Have a great weekend,


From my daily devotional:

Faith never knows where it is being led; it knows and loves the One who is leading. 

November 15, 2014

trying again

Remember these pretty sugar plum fairy ornaments? 

I shared a glimpse of them around this time last year, but then was at a stand-still when packaging them for their travels became a challenge. Since then, I have given up on the project numerous times, but I have never been able to completely "throw in the towel". I know my fellow bloggers and artist know exactly what I mean :)

Well, I  am revisiting this little (or shall I say BIG) venture once again and believe I've found a solution, yay! Here's a glimpse...

I'll keep you posted :)

Enjoy the weekend dear friends,


P.S. Forgive my scarce  posts lately...the change in seasons and time is affecting my spirit a bit. Even taking pictures of my creations has been a challenge, as witnessed in the poor lighting above, ugh! No worries, I'll get back on track :)

From my daily devotional:

The anchor of God's faithfulness holds firm in the strongest storms. 

October 17, 2014

gathering leaves

Happy weekend to you dear friends! Well, it seems Blogger is fighting my every key stroke so I've given up. I managed to upload a single photo for now...

Been creating beautiful satin and lace leaves for the their simple elegance. I'll try posting more photos when Blogger behaves. Until then...big hugs!