July 23, 2014

mid week hello

hello there friends! not much to say today but a quick hello on a busy Wednesday morning :)

a glimpse of stationery pretties I'm working on...

Enjoy your day!


July 14, 2014

using the pretty stash

Greetings to you on a lovely Monday! It's mid-July, really! I'm off to work in just a bit but have a few minutes to spare and I wanted to pop by and say hello and wish you a fantastic week. 

I've decided it was time to use a roll of beautiful wall paper I have hoarded for much longer than I should. It looks and feels like luxurious fabric, so pretty! I started with favor cones, then pillow boxes, and petite gift bags...I just can't stop now :)

Here's a peek at the favor cone...I'm in love with this paper

the colors a beautiful hues of soft pinks, and peach, greens, and even a hint of the softest yellow. 

and the best part...the images are of roses! Did I say LOVE...sigh

Must go now, thanks so much for stopping by.


P.S. They will be in my shop soon!

July 6, 2014

a mystery question

 Happy beautiful, glorious Sunday dear friends! The 4th of July festivities are now winding down here...always grateful for extra time with family. Though there is always a bit of family drama in the mix, ugh. Damage control is now in full swing :)

And in the middle of it all I've been working on a customer's order that was great fun to create. She discovered my flower petal tags and requested them with table numbers for her wedding. I love it when a customer envisions something I had never considered.

It was a bit tricky to print the numbers just right...but once I figured that out the rest of the project moved along nicely.

She plans to tie them onto starfish...such a great idea! 

So, while on the topic of the flower petal tags. Perhaps you can help solve a mystery. The original listing on Etsy has over 5,000 views coming from Pinterest traffic but I don't know how to find the actual "pin" that has generated so much traffic. Would anyone know how I can find it? 

Alright, I won't take up any more of your time, thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


June 24, 2014

is it Tuesday already?

Good morning friends...or afternoon to those on the other side. Is it really Tuesday already! My weekend was a whirlwind of eventful moments with out-of-town guests, my girl's first recital ever, and a family move right in between...phew! 

I received my copy of the Somerset Life issue this past week with the leaves and I'm still pinching myself as I see the pictures and read my article. I'm so proud of it :) In the article I share how I was inspired by the kraft paper challenge and also a bit about my love for the publication. For me, it truly is more than a just a magazine with pretty pictures. In many ways it has helped me through some rough patches in life, offering a bit of sunshine during my winter-blues, escape during trying times, and I'm certain it has helped navigate my creative journey in ways that would not have happened otherwise. I mean seriously, how else would I have considered creating pretty leaves out of kraft paper :) 

My hope is that other mamas (especially the working mamas) juggling life and all of the day-to-day priorities will feel inspired to nourish their creative spirit, whether in craft, music, writing, painting, photography, dance...anything. Just look for the little windows of time, they will be there. Grab hold and follow the call, see where it takes you. 

So meanwhile I have been inspired to create more of the leaves in celebration of the occasion, here are a few pics to share. Most are already spoken for but I'm hoping to make more soon. 

Well, off to work now. Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to visit with :)

Have a fantastic day!


June 18, 2014

I'm blushing

I LOVE any shade of blush...from pinks to peach and anything in between...love them all! Creating with these lovely shades is often an irresistible inspiration..and combined with soft shades of champagne and ivory and I melt...

Here's a glimpse of a little something I'm finishing up in the studio with those very colors...

I love creating cards with pretty dresses taking center stage and this one is likely my favorite so far...well maybe. They're all special to me :) 

I love that it's feminine but not girly, ethereal yet charming, and soft yet infused with beautiful textures you can't resist touching.

I'm hoping to add it to the shop soon, though I may want to keep it :) 

Have a fantastic Wednesday!


Before I go... 
I found this quote on Kerrie's blog - Seawashed and it touched me deeply. I have friends of many different faiths and backgrounds and can't imagine my life without them. This quote reminds me that regardless of what religion or church we follow...in the end we all strive for the same thing in life. 

Temples of God are located not only where churches are still standing. Rather, let the great temple arches stretch and raise themselves up wherever the human heart worships, wherever the knee bends, wherever the spirit opens itself, and where man's highest potential is fulfilled by those who worship and love...
The life of God is lived within us, within the deepest center of our being.  Man becomes truly himself precisely at the point where he recognizes that the highest and brightest Being dwells within him.  Moreover, he will rediscover himself and his own identity, as well as his faith in his own individual value, mission, and life options, to the degree that he comprehends human life as streaming forth out of the mystery of God."

~Fr. Alfred Delp (1945 German Jesuit priest condemned to death by the Nazis in Berlin, Germany)

June 12, 2014

be yourself

"Be yourself,  everyone else is already taken".
Oscar Wilde

So I've discovered that I'm not very good at posting as much as I should....i mean well, but it just doesn't seem to happen. Perhaps it's my own insecurities in knowing how many AMAZING blogs are out there and admittedly feeling like I don't measure up. At times, I find it a struggle searching for what I believe may be worthy of you taking the time to visit with me. But after reading the current issue of Artful Blogging cover to cover I've come to realize that whatever I share with you, big or small, is my personal connection with you my blog family. It's about sharing facets of Abby and not worrying about the content being exciting enough. Making certain that my posts are genuine and heartfelt...even if but a few words and a picture is all I've got :) 

So, my goal....to be more present here on this 'ol blog! 

Now,  what's going on with me you ask? 
I've been dealing with a leaky roof, 
poison ivy all over my body, 
and the sun hasn't shined in days, 
Saw the movie A Fault In Our Stars with my girl...lots of tears and laughter,
I'm midway through the movie Blue Jasmine...not sure whether i like it,
I've got a little insomnia going on...too much thinking i suppose,
and, again, the sun hasn't shined in days! 

Hope you're doing well friends,

Send some sunshine my way please :)



P.S. The trio of linen hearts hanger in the photo were a recent addition to my shop. It sold quickly but I hope to create more. 

June 2, 2014

hello June!

So am I the only one that feels like the month of May did a drive-by! Well, greetings to you dear beautiful, sunny June, hope you bring with you lots of sun-shiny days ahead :)

Been working on some new ideas and having fun with some photography styling too. 

 In some ways, the photo becomes an extension of the artist's voice, or at least I think so:) 

I keep it pretty simple with few props, if any. I love this wooden hand I found to hold my tiny keepsake boxes. I painted it and distressed it a bit and it was perfect. 

Having fun creating with metal keys too....love, love, love an old looking key

Well, the evening is winding down. and I must go now. Thanks for stopping by and reading my random chatter:)

Hope you are all well dear friend. 


Before I go, a quote from Simple Abundance:

Life is not made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years, but of moments. You must experience each one before you can appreciate it.

So true!

May 24, 2014

saturday morning chat

It's early Saturday morning here and other than my Praise & Worship station on Pandora playing in the background the house is perfectly silent...love this kind of morning :)

Thought I'd share a glimpse of the Somerset Life article that will be featuring my wax-dipped leaves. I LOVE how they were photographed!  

I am far from considering myself a writer as it doesn't come naturally to me, so the thought of writing a full article was scary and intimidating. But Christen Olivarez and the staff at Somerset Life somehow know to entrust the artist to offer the truest journey through an inspired project. I love that about them! And it only took about a million revisions and a prayer to send it on its way :) You can look for the SL issue July 1st at your local bookstore or order it online here.

Ok friends, time to start the holiday weekend, have a fantastic Memorial Day!

Thanks for stopping by 

May 16, 2014

happy weekend wishes and some news!

Hello there friends, happy weekend to you! Gosh it's been too long since my last post. Anyone have Father Time's phone number, I'd like to request he add a few more hours to the day :) 

So,I thought I'd share glimpse of a wedding card I created for a customer. She found me on Pinterest and requested a custom card for a friend's wedding. I love creating custom orders but they make me so nervous...I always worry that it won't be what they expect. Thankfully, she received the card and is completely delighted with the card, yay! 

here's a side angle...love how the petals are 3 dimensional...

I also made a box envelope with a ribbon closure...so much nicer than adhesive 

It was two years since I had created one of my paper dresses and I had forgotten how much fun it was to create them and especially how pretty they are. So,of course now I want to make more! Sooooo, back to my question, do you have that number for Father Time, I really need to get a call to him asap, he he. 

Now before I go, I have some exciting news! Remember my paper leaves inspired by Somerset Life's Kraft Paper Challenge? Well, you will see them in the summer issue...what!! I am super excited and humbled to make the issue. Here's a link to a sneak peek and a chance to pre-order with free shipping. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, enjoy the weekend!


May 1, 2014

a quick hello

Hi there friends! Just...a quick hello on the first day of May! I've been deep in work and other happenings, with little time to visit with you. Hope your week has been blessed with little miracles. If you haven't seen them, look closer...there is always a tiny miracle if you look hard enough. 

Happy May!

From my daily devotional: Faith makes God's Work work in your life...without it nothing happens. 

April 19, 2014

Easter blessings

Hello there dear friends, just a quick visit to wish you all a blessed Easter!
Hope to post again soon. 


April 5, 2014

God's plan

March 21st marked a year since my husband became ill. Some of what happened is now a blur, while other bits and pieces feel as if they happened seconds ago. And while I wish for us to never live that year again, I can honestly say I received wondrous gifts that could never have happened otherwise. 

So here I am a year later.....

discovering God has a plan for me, always has 

I discovered a new church that reawakened my faith more than I ever thought possible. Now don't get me wrong, my faith in God was ALWAYS in my heart but my beliefs were dormant.There was no desire to go to church or read scriptures or pray...and when I did it was without much hope and feeling. Now that I actually FEEL God's presence in my life my connection with Him feels tangible....I see Him in everything. 

Each day feels like a gift with new opportunities to live a more meaningful and selfless life. I see my journey in life more clearly....and in that clearer path the knowledge that God has guided my every step and inspiration all along. 

I recall during the year that in coping with my husband's illness the emotional chaos became contagious in our home...the studio probably suffering the most. I rarely crafted in the room, instead running in for this and that, and crafting near my family in the living room. I shared a glimpse of the studio's sad state here.  Looking back I realize the chaos I created in the studio was parallel to what was happening in my (our) life that year. 

but little by little.... 

this girl was discovering God has a plan, always has

The new year inspired....my one word, surely His doing. And in clearing the studio from the unnecessary, I have discovered that my little studio is more than just four walls with a quirky girl's artistic style sprinkled everywhere. It is a place to celebrate my faith, to create in His name. 

I am constantly inspired and even though my crafting time is still limited I cherish the time more than ever and just wait for the moments of crafting to present themselves. No scheduling, or sacrificing of family time....just waiting because.....

He has a plan, always has

And check out that floor! It exists, ha! 

I'm off to enjoy the beautiful weekend, hope you do the same my friends!


Before I go, today's quote (from my daily devotional book):

In a day when many challenge the inspiration and infallibility of God, faith and reason are not necessarily opposed. But when reason won't take you another step, faith keeps on going because it connects you to God. If you look you will see him at work everywhere-including your own life. 

April 1, 2014

Welcome April

Good morning (or evening) where ever you may be. 'Tis the first day of April, could it be....it feels like winter finally has no fight left in her and is bowing down to her friend...spring!

A handful of posies just for you....Happy April!

Much to do today and leaving to work in just a few...here's today's quote....

The only thing that we can genuinely claim to be is ourselves. And our best is good enough, even on a bad day. Simple Abundance

Enjoy the day,

March 23, 2014

a place for everything

I don't know about you but I love pretty storage boxes. I figure if I must keep track of mail and such why not create something lovely to put them in....

Some of my wooden boxes begged to be dressed for just the thing. I created a few for myself...

and some for my store too....

So, do you use pretty boxes to store your daily happenings too? 

Well dear friends, it's late here, time to wind the evening down :) Thanks so much for visiting!

Have a great week!


Before I go, a quote to share from my daily devotional book....

God wants you to look to Him and know that in your darkest moment you don't have to be afraid. What you have going for you is so much greater than anything that comes against you. So rise up in faith and say with the Psalmist, "My heart comes from the Lord". 

March 15, 2014

dear beautiful spring

For a moment there I seriously thought I would never feel the warmth of spring once again (silly I know)...but alas it does feel like its arrival is soon to come! 

I'm taking advantage of this beautiful day so I'll leave you with a BIG hello, wishes for a wonderful weekend....and today's Simple Abundance quote:

Simplicity gains importance in our lives as we begin to make peace with ourselves. That is because we gradually come to the inner awareness that we don't need to gild the lily. Some of the trappings can be relinquished because the Real Thing is finally ready to be revealed. 

{my quest to simplify has been very slow moving materially speaking, but internally there are changes stirring daily...hourly in fact. Perhaps my quest to simplify was never meant to be about my physical surroundings but one of a spiritual journey}