May 11, 2015

checking off the bucket list...sort of

Hey there, Happy Monday and Happy {belated} Mama's Day to all the moms out there! 

So, if you're like me you've got a craft related bucket list tucked away on the creative side of your life. On my list you'll find practical wishes like learning how to sew along with a few dreamy plans like attending an art retreat on the west coast. Each one has its own place on the list…at times moving up or down in rank as my life shifts with the seasons. But lately my wish to master the art of soldering (pronounced saw-der-ing) has been quickly climbing up the list, which I’m certain has much to do with the gorgeous soldered bottles and such that I've been coveting over on Pinterest…sigh
So what’s a girl to do when her desire to check this wish off her bucket list grows stronger…BUT she has neither the space in her studio or (more importantly) the money to invest in a soldering kit? Well, for this girl it meant finding a way to create her own method of soldering of course! 

My mind was immediately flooded with ideas once I decided to give this a when that happens! But there was one idea in particular that felt like it may actually work so I gathered up a recipe of supplies like my trusted (and beat up) glue gun, a handful of mini test tube vials, Pearl Ex powder, ink spray, old nail polish, and a few other bits and bobs. And after a few failed attempts and the occasional feeling of total defeat, I managed to create these itty bitty faux soldered ornaments...  

this little guy may be my favorite...although each one has a special place

I love the juxtaposition of the feminine details blended with the look of metal 

this one may be a top favorite too...can you see the feathers in the glass?

must confess…I really love how they turned out…imperfections and all, and I especially love that this little endeavor will satisfy my creative spirit until I give real soldering a try someday  :)  I'd love to know what's on your crafty bucket list. Hey, perhaps there's a way to try a "sorta kinda" check off on your list too:)




Victoria said...

Yikes, I'm glad you were able to avert the blog issue! I have mine set to private so hopefully I'm okay.

Your new creations are goooorgeous!!! The one with the tiny nest...oh my, too precious! You're so talented. Learning to sew is on my craft bucket list also:)

Oh, I received one of the gifts I bought with the Unicef code, the other one is coming from Vietnam so as soon as that arrives, I'll do a blog post on them and send you a blog invite:) Thank you again!!!

Cynthia said...

They're beautiful, Abby! How very creative of you to make these in a non-traditional way. . .and that makes them truly unique. Love them!

June said...

These are gorgeous!!!! Each one of them! It's always been a wish of mine to learn to solder as well Abby, but never have taken the time to learn. I'm so glad you found a way to satisfy your own desire and just go for it!
sending hugs...

Margie said...

Each one of these is a little treasure Abby - fabulous! I'm with you on the bucket list but I just don't seem to have enough hours in the day (and I'm retired!)

I'd love to go on a craft retreat and there's one in Glasgow next Spring which isn't a million miles away from me in the Borders so I'm working up to asking hubby if I can go. Margie x

Unknown said...

I love them all. I love your creativity with your charms and embellishments! Bravo

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh Abby, such a fun post. I really LOVE these little heart throbs. You've used all those fun embellishments so well. Thanks for sharing

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh, wow! Love these little altered art jewels... I love the little vessels that hang and all the mystery that entangles with them.
I must take a look at your etsy shop!
I see a few of my friends have commented here, you are in beautiful compan.

Beautiful creations ahead for you, with all things and fragments that inspire.


Sandi said...

These are so beautiful Abby!! You sure mastered that bucket list item fast!!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Those are beautiful--good job!