August 12, 2015

Uncommon Goods - product review

Every once and a while I am contacted by a company to collaborate on a product review. I don't always say yes but if the company's core beliefs are in helping others and our land than I always say YES! Uncommon Goods happens to be one of those companies. You can find their story here but in a nutshell they are a New York based company whose goal is to create a sustainable business that minimizes their environmental impact by working with artists who use sustainable or recycled materials. And, just as importantly, they also work through their program Better to Give that allows customers to donate $1 to non-profit organizations with every order. Pretty easy to say yes, right?!

So after perusing the home decor section I couldn't help but fall in love with this adorable caterpillar bud many possibilities!  Right now I tucked in just a few lavender sprigs and a dried rose but I can just imagine all of the lovely flowers I can display all year long...sigh. 

And here's an insanely beautifully made's a vegetable based, 100% GMO free soy wax candle in 100% recycled packaging. The scent (I picked Thyme) is intoxicating but not overwhelming, yum. 

And get this, the box it comes in carries another treat! It is infused with seeds for planting...LOVE! (Although this box is so very pretty I may have to hold on to it for bit :)

I can't wait to shop with Uncommon Goods again, I think next time I'll pick something from their selection of wall art or perhaps a new decorative pillow to add to my girl's bedroom. Hope you'll visit their site, you won't be disappointed. 




Victoria said...

Oh, I'll definitely have to check them out! That candle is gorgeous:) Your photo's are so beautiful!!! Hope your doing well and recovered from surgery!

Mimi said...

Just stunning! You have such a wonderful eye Abby. Love, Mimi xxx