July 23, 2015

past and present

So, guess what happens when the doctor's orders are that this girl has to stay home and take it easy for weeks and weeks....??? The inevitable of course! Too much time = pondering on how one restarts her blogging journey after losing 8 years of blog posts. I know it probably sounds a bit silly, but it feels like I've lost part of me some how, BUT I am determined to give it a go and I figure the best way to begin this journey once again is to include bits and pieces of my past along with my latest happenings, sound good?

I'll start by sharing a glimpse of my first love...paper crafting (hence the name Paperie). I created this little trio of "outfits" from small paper bags from my local hardware store.Years later they are still one of my very favorite projects ever and I love that they add a bit of whimsy in the studio.

So, I must keep my posts short for now...ever since my surgery I've been experiencing some side effects, mainly fatigue and some numbness on my right hand, but I feel a little better each day (thanks for your prayers).

Before I go, I want to thank you so much for your comments and emails about losing all of my prior blog posts and especially for sticking with me while I figure this all out...so grateful for my blog family :)

Be back soon,



June said...

I'm so sorry about you losing everything with your blog Abby! What a loss for sure. I hope that you recovery well and that you get stronger everyday. It's so hard to stay down after a major surgery, but so, so important.
I love the sweet little paper clothes. LOVE THEM!
sending hugs...

Maureen Hayes said...


Sorry I haven't commented since you lost your blog posts. My Mother passed away less than a month ago and each day is a struggle. I have been following your dilemma and saying prayers for your physical recovery as well as whatever you may be able to do to reconstruct the blog. I am sorry you are going through this and I will continue to pray that things improve for you each day.


Jonell w Harrison said...

Oh dear...bless you..I cannot even imagine losing everything I have written here since 2008.

Can you advice us about precautions to prevent this from happening?

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Blessings to you dear Friend! Prayers for a speedy recovery and that you keep your chin up through your recent challenging obstacles. YOU are what is important and makes your blog special.... and you still come through loud and clear.

I love the outfits!! What a brilliant use of those bags and they are so adorable and perfectly whimsical!! You're such a talented and creative lady. Keep up the great work and keep getting stronger each day.

Abby's Paperie Garden said...

Hi Jonell, thank you for your comment. Make sure to backup your blog often and especially keep an eye for hacking. That's how it all started unfortunately.

Mimi said...

Oh how heartbreaking for you and for us! I feel for you terribly. I pray that after a rest and some recuperating that you will find new impetus and creativity for yourself and for us. Sending huge hugs. Mimi xxx