January 4, 2016

happy new year!

Hello there and Happy New Year! Of course, it's been far too long since my last post :( I won't make any resolutions regarding posting on my blog more, these resolutions are more pressure than we should all ever put on ourselves. I'll just say that my wish is to be more present here on my little blog which really doesn't have much to say since losing most of it last year. Perhaps starting it up again is harder than I thought, blah!

Anyway, I'm getting ready for work but wanted to send a big Thank you for all of your emails, prayers, and comments regarding my health. You are all part of my virtual family and I thank you always. I mentioned in my prior post that I won't surrender my passion for crafting to the aches and pains so I thought I'd share that I'm going strong right now. Here's a glimpse of a few inspirations and I'll be back this week with more since I should really be getting ready for work :)

winter mittens made with wool from Ireland

and some hearts with the same wool

boho chic feathers...really love these!

winter inspired bird nest

Okay, I really must go now, it's super late for me, yikes!



Toni said...

Beautiful work.

Victoria said...

Happy New Year Abby! I loooove those feathers! The little wool mittens are so darling also:) You're so talented!

Victoria said...

P.S. Just bought some of the little feathers tags from your Etsy shop, they were too cute to resist:)

Roosterhead Designs said...

Oh Abby these creations are simply gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. I love the wool! and the birds nest with the sheet music incorporated is so charming~ your work always inspires me to keep crafting.
[I work full time also, and understand the 'hurries' of posting sometimes. And soon I will no longer have home internet :( so will only have internet while on breaks at work~ *sigh*] No resolutions of more blogging from me! : J
Take care Abby, Thinking of you and prayers for you ~Karen O