November 9, 2015

a new line

Happy Monday to you! Another work week begins here. Even though my day job doesn't speak to my creative soul it provides for my family and I am always so grateful for that blessing. 

Speaking of creativity...thought I'd share a peek at something new for my shop. Some of you know my love of creating gift packaging that is more elevated in presentation, and every so often you'll find a few gift boxes and such in the shop. More recently I decided to dedicate some time in expanding this idea a bit more using a variety of beautiful fabrics and trimmings. 

These littles were so fun to create! I used beautiful linen to create the pillow boxes and trimmed them with lace and a petite flower. 

This is one of my favorites for the holidays....petite but so pretty

Another linen and flower design. The box is a bit bigger in this one

And one of my favorites...a pillow box created with faux leather in a stunning shade of pearl and trimmed with lace and a starfish dusted with glitter.  Who says leather, lace and coastal can't blend! 

Look for them in the shop this week but if you see something you like, let me know.

Off I go to work, have a blessed week!!


P.S. I have an appointment with a specialist today, send your prayers my way please:)


Victoria said...

Oh my, these are absolutely beautiful! It's always so much nicer to receive a beautifully packaged gift than something plain...these definitely hit the mark!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Victoria said...

P.S. Thinking of you and hoping your appt. goes well!

Unknown said...

you have such a gift for "elevating the ordinary." these are beyond lovely! prayers for health and healing dear abby.....

Roosterhead Designs said...

Gorgeous packages Abby! I just love to visit here and see what's new~
So dreamy; so soft and lovely. Prayers for your health issues. Karen O

NanaDiana said...

Those are all just beautiful, Abby...and I love them...but I love YOU more. Please tell me that you are okay. Seeing a specialist is worrisome! xo Diana

Pam said...

These are just so lovely Abby! So perfect for that little gift for someone special.
Hoping that all went well with your appointment. ♥

Ella said...

Everything is so lovely, Abby! I love the softness and colors~ Good luck and prayers to you, always! You are in my thoughts @>--------xo

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

These are stunning!
Keeping you in my thoughts.