June 18, 2015

well hello there

I believe I have abandoned my blog for a bit, sorry about that. I have no real good reason for that either:)

So, I finally dipped my toes in the social media pool a bit more. I'm now on Instagram...what!! And can I just admit how addictive it can be. In a few seconds you can share a snippet of your latest happenings. So if you're ever wondering whether I'm still alive just pop on over to my IG account under abbyspaperiegarden and say helloAnd if you have IG I would love to know so that I can find you. 

So (just in case you're interested) here are a few of my latest happenings in pictures (forgive the quality, some were taken with my iPhone): 

Painted the fireplace mantle after years of having the dated brown colors. I was feeling a bit regretful at first but not so much anymore. Still need to add some warmth and dimension with Annie Sloan wax to really love it. And, the vintage rosary you see on the wall is a gift from my mother. She had it tucked away for many years and just handed it to me a few months ago...yes my heart skipped a few beats! It's hand carved and made in Italy and insanely beautiful! Still can't believe I have it.

On the mantle is the one and only peony that managed to bloom in my garden (shouldn't even call it a garden at this point, jeez)

And over on the creative side of my life I've continued to create as inspirations flow. I'm discovering my love for romance extends further and further into the world of weddings. So, I've been experimenting with a few ideas here and there. 

romantic boutonnieres 

starfish ring bearer "pillow" for the summer wedding

and I'm always inspired to create my stationery scrolls for wedding vows. This is a duo inspired by the summer season with simple details like vintage buttons and and the inside is linen.

and of course the ring boxes too

I'll leave you with a picture of sweetest face that greets me every morning, 
irresistible right?! 

Well I guess this is what happens when one's away from the blog for too long, you're bombarded with a ton of pictures! I'm off to start the work day in a few. Be well dear friends and thanks so much for stopping by.




janeslovelycards said...

Lovely to read one of your posts again Abby and to view your gorgeous photos! Absolutely love the starfish ring bearer cushion, it is incredibly gorgeous! hugs, Jane x

Marlou McAlees said...

such beautiful and elegant creations Abby. your little doggie is a sweetie :) what breed is he/she? I have a Havanese and she is a little sweetheart ♥

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Such beautiful photos Abby! I love that you're on insta now and I've just started following you. :)
I absolutely love your touches for weddings. Just beautiful!! I only wish I had wedding to help plan so I could use some of those very items. So so pretty.

Blessings to you and glad to hear from you again. xoxo

Margie said...

Gorgeous makes as always Abby - you are such an inspiration! Love those little ring boxes. Your doggie is so cute too, what a beautiful face. Hope you and your family are well. Love, Margie x

Jonell w Harrison said...

Your blog always inspires me in some way!

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

It's hard to find time to blog these days, Abby - I hear ya! Just love catching up with your photos. I'll need to show my hubby what you did to your fireplace (looks lovely!) so that I can convince him we need to lighten up ours, too.
And it looks perfect with those beautiful doilies scattered around. What a delight your Mom gave you that gorgeous Rosary!
Just adore your wedding creations - wow!