March 2, 2014

what's in a name...need your help

What happens when one's blog name no longer reflects the person behind the name? I am pondering this question a bit more lately...thinking my blog name doesn't quite fit who "Abby" is anymore.

When I first began my blogging journey I created mostly cards and other paper crafts, with the occasional venture outside of the paper-crafting "box". Though now it has evolved into creating with so many more mediums and textiles that it I feel a disconnect with my blog name.

While I can research all of the technical aspects of its affects, no one can be more honest and helpful than you, my blog friends and family on whether I should make the change. I've even considered hosting a "name that blog" party to help me out :) 

Please share your thoughts...
When you read my posts and see my creations what comes to mind? And more importantly, is it a good idea? 

I'll leave you with a picture as we enter the Lenten season. I'm looking forward to Lent more than ever before...perhaps an internal transformation occurring here :)

wishing you a great week,



Gigi Harlan said...

How about Abby's Paperie Garden & Textiles? You have spent too much time and work on your blog to totally change the name or start a new one like I did. My focus changed dramatically and my old blog made me unhappy so I have an inkling of how you feel. I love your blog and no matter what you create it is always lovely!

Gigi @ Old World Patina

Margie said...

If you do change it Abby, make sure it has Abby in the name as that's what jumps out at me in my list of posts and I know there's going to be something really special there. How about Abby's Treasures? Because that's what they are! Love, Margie x

A New England Life said...

I say look to your tag line:

'Abby's Creative Journey'

....inspired by life, love, and pretty paper

marie nolewajka said...

How about "Abby's Garden of Eden"? It will reflect your creativity as well as your faith.

Twinkle Terrior said...

Oh I like "Abby's Creative Journey" :)

Burlap Luxe said...

Ni Abby,
I sent through this as well, but would,not change it due to the name you create for yourself. I really think everyone at some time or another has wanted to change there name,
I think your name is great.

See you soon.


Mary Lemon said...

Abby, I love your name and think it still works. You usually have some paper as part of your wonderful creations. I love the topiaries! By the way, whenever I use one of your sweet tags for a gift, I get lots of comments. Everyone loves them!

titancia said...

I think your URL name works well-- Abby's Garden. It could be a garden of anything!

KaseyQ said...

I like the name you have- it makes me think of someone walking through a beautiful garden of paper flowers, which to me seems a wonderful place to dream. Your creations are all born of your creative dreams, so I think it still works. :-)

Monica said...

What I do think is that you, and you only, can feel that in your heart! And be true to yourself, your calling, your dreams.