November 12, 2012

with different eyes

Hello there friends, hope all is well with you. Thank you again for the continued prayers and support sent to us on the east coast. It will be a long, hard road to recovery and healing for those who lost their homes or loved ones. I guess it would be a good time to share that I happen to work for a very large insurance company in New Jersey and have had the unique chance to speak to many of the victims first hand. Their stories are incredibly heart wrenching. Many have lost everything they own, and I mean everything! Many are still not allowed anywhere near their homes, while others will never be able to return to their homes at all, and instead will witness their homes demolished with their entire lives still inside. The desperation and sadness in their voice is something I will never forget. Needless to say, this for me has been a huge reminder to appreciate my life and my humble little home. I now look at every rickety old feature with different eyes. Every squeaky door is music to my ears, the scraped up floors are a welcomed sign of life in my home, and the dated mantel suddenly doesn't bother me as much. And honestly today I am struggling with the idea of posting about my crafting ventures while this is all happening just miles away from me...but I guess I must look forward right? 

So I'll start by sharing a few creations I recently sent to Somerset Life. It's been a while since I've sent them any new inspirations...mainly because I haven't had the time. But there were two recent challenges that had piqued my interest and I couldn't resist giving them a try. One was to create something from cardboard tubes. Can you imagine creating anything lovely from cheap, flimsy cardboard? Well, in my mind a few toilet paper and paper towel tubes became the perfect candidates to transform into my own version of altered match boxes. 

It wasn't long before I started painting and shaping them...then finally embellishing each sweet little box with bits and baubles. 

and what a wonderful little surprise to realize that in using the cardboard tubes it offered the chance to create different sizes!

and here's a look at the other item that Somerset Life challenged us to create with....washi new love. I'll be back to share a few pictures of what I created.

Have a great week friends!


P.S. Please consider donating to the Red Cross. Every dollar will help.


Amy said...

Lovely post Abby.Our hearts go out to those poor souls and we do need to look around and appreciate all we have in life.
Your creations are lovely,can't wait to see more.

Teresa said...
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Teresa said...

Yes. It's heart breaking to imagine, witness or hear about all those affected.
I always had a propriety streak over every bit piece around the home and once I had an American teacher who couldn't understand when I told him how hard it was for me to imagine loosing - what for him seemed seems insignificant things - you know, the family pictures, one or two things which aren't money valuable but a treasure to me.
Only after we discussed our differences I understood he lived all his life on path of destruction, so for him to have survived so many catastrophes was the true richness.
But like you I became even more appreciative of those little things and when I look to them I send a prayer to all those affected, so they be safe and in comfort.
But after witnessing Sandy somehow I felt like bidding farewell to this attachement. No one seems safe. Not 100%.

I'm in love with your creations. I'm sure that your Art and Dedication will go a long way to soothe your pain and sadness.

Marlou McAlees said...

absolutely stunning projects again Abby :) I always love your cute birds nests :)
It is so sad at all the people who have lost their homes and all their treasured memories. It does make you appreciate all the things we take for granted everyday.
hugzz Marlou xxx

Gypsea said...

Your boxes are lovely and I am sure they will end up in the magazine! You have my head spinning with how to make boxes of my own to house jewelry that I am making the girls this Christmas. Humm, I wonder if I can fit them into my already full crafting schedule. Just beautiful!

Bente said...

Oh, you make the most gorgeous things.


Rebecca said...

On my knees for those of you hurt by Sandy. :( Hoping and praying for an end to all the misery soon. Watched today how a 70 old lady sat freezing in her apt...had to walk up 16 flights of stairs to get fresh water.

:( No acceptable.


Love your creations. Always so beautiful.

Love, R

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Those projects are just so sweet and beautiful. I love your work!

Jonell said...

Many reminders here -of OTHERS.We were invaded by hurricane RITA 2005 and w/o power for at least a full 3 weeks..HOWEVER the Sandy story has made me realize we were in a much more POSITIVE situation simply b/c we lived in a basically rural area..not like the heavily populated area Sandy devastate. We had more OPTIONS-
Here in SOUTH ALABAMA we are collecting WARM THINGS esp. for children and youth..SOCKS, HATS, GLOVES AND SCARVES. Local Red Cross has assured us they will go directly to Sandy victims.


Ella said...

I have seen tragedy living in Florida, but nothing like this~ It is so sad! I can't imagine...
I do think when you live through a hurricane, you do see the world differently~

Your creations are lovely and so is what you shared~
Take Care! I hope n' pray for relief for those in need~ xo

Kelly_Deal said...

Gorgeous creations Abby!

Susan said...

Oh Abby, thank you for this solemn reminder of what others are having to bear. My heart just goes out to those folks who lost so much, but thankfully not their lives. It certainly does help us to appreciate every nook & cranny of our own house. You are doing a wonderful thing by helping those folks through your job. You help many by just creating, too. These latest pieces of art are just stunning! I can't get over they are from cardboard tubes. What a talent you have, dear Abby!
xo, Susan

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Beautiful blog and very elegant pictures. You got some lovely stuffs here.
Thanks for sharing.
Hope to see you on my blog:)

Haworth said...

As strange as it might sound you are very lucky to be having such close contact with the disaster, Abby, as it will certainly change your life. I'm sure they're relieved to hear a kind voice as they unburden themselves. So you're changing their lives, too. Your new crafts are so lovely! I love how you top each little box with something beautiful. On holidays I turn toilet paper tubes into table favors -- I carefully cover each one with a wrapping paper that suits each person at the table (tucking the ends inside the tube, then I stuff small toys and candies inside (along with a fortune I type out) and then roll the whole thing in coorindating tissue paper and tie each end with ribbon so they look like little taffees. We open them before dinner and read our fortunes. Have a lovely weekend!!